He's also found time to promote friend and director Howard Webster's forthcoming feature "Pursuit Delange". (Craig co-starred in the festival busting pilot "Meet Pursuit Delange"). Craig says "Getting money to make a film today is a serious challenge, as there are a hundred different investments that are seen as less risky so anyone who has the will to go for it, besides the talent, deserves support. Howard's an accomplished writer and successful author - a mixture of Monty Python meets the old Carry On style of films. I did a spoof of a slightly mad American financial advisor: The Invisor. It was, shall we say, suitably edgy..." Howard is, apparently, well on his way to securing the budget...

below: in talks "BBC Civilisation" presenter


“…Craig Henderson plays the police marksman who kills Jean Charles in Stephen Frears produced movie Jean Charles…”

Appearances in Frank Harper's gangster flic St George's Day, Eastenders (as ever patient PC Angus Clarkson) and the upcoming One Square Mile have led to an enjoyable balancing act between acting and presenting for Craig Henderson.

Following his appearances as guest history presenter on BBC 1's Inside Out Show, Craig has also been asked to develop a documentary series on Alexander the Great. He can't say too much, other than the concept will be uniquely original and involve motorbikes! Fellow thesp Robert Portal of The King's Speech and My Week With Marilyn fame is reportedly attached - if he finds time between rowing the Atlantic and running across the Sahara for charity.

2014 will also see Craig's first book published. Follow progress on Twitter @RestorationVol1.


The Inviser

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